Friday, September 11, 2009

My thoughts on September 11, 2001

I was about to turn 2 when the September 11, 2001 crashes happened. I do not remember it happening, but today I watched a movie about that day. The planes turned and then caught the buildings. There were huge explosions. The South Tower disintegrated and there was smoke and dust everywhere. The second tower fell soon after. There were more than 2000 people killed in the buildings. This makes me very sad.

The people flew the planes into the towers because they hated the Americans. I don't understand why the terrorists did it.

On flight 93 the people decided to fight back. I think they got control of the plane, but they were unable to get the plane up in time to keep it from crashing. I think the passengers of flight 93 were very brave for trying to fight back.

The firefighters who went into the World Trade Center towers were very brave. They were brave for going into the buildings to try to save the people inside. There were about 300 firefighters and policemen who died inside the towers.

After the recovery crews dug for three days,they found a big iron cross inside a space between the ruins. The cross was a part of the building. The construction workers saved the cross because it gave them hope that God was there. They named the building where they found the cross "God's House."

I am learning that I need to be brave and courageous through life. I think the people who attacked America were very bad. I hope they never do it again. I wish all nations would learn to live together in peace.

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