Tuesday, September 15, 2009


That is my birthday date. So I'm turning 10 tomorrow! When I was born I was 6lbs. 2oz. It was about 11:30 when I was born. I was the smallest baby in the Nathan Jones family. Wow the double-digits, I can't believe it! In honor of my 10th birthday I will make three Top Ten favorite lists.

Top Ten Favorite Books:
1. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows.
2. Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix.
3. Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince.
4. Redwall
5. The Quick and the Dead
6. Voyage of the Dawn Treader
7. The Last Battle
8. The Black Ships before Troy
9. Where the Wild Things Are
10. Tom Sawyer

Top Ten Favorite Movies:
1. Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince
2. Time Bandits
3. Star Wars: The Clone Wars
4. Star Wars (the whole series)
5. Indiana Jones (the whole series)
6. The Nightmare Before Christmas
7. Lord of the Rings
8. Toy Story
9. Pirates of the Caribbean 2: The Dead Man's Chest
10. A Bug's Life

Top Ten Favorite Things That Have Ever Happened to Me:
1. Becoming a Christian.
2. Riding the Beast at King's Island.
3. Lightsaber fighting with Darth Vader at MGM studios.
4. Seeing our new house for the first time.
5. Going to Disney for Christmas.
6. Going camping at Fall Creek Falls with my family.
7. Learning to ride my bike.
8. Being Born.
9. Getting my BB gun for Christmas.
10. The first time I made a goal in a Basketball game.

I can't wait for tomorrow.


  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY NOAH!!! Love you - Aunt Carli

  2. Happy Birthday Noah!! Hope you are having a great day. I'm waiting til Keith gets home from work so we can call and tell you happy bday. I can't believe you are 10! WOW! Love you bunches!

  3. Noah! I hope you had a great birthday! Love your top 10 list!